I am Tom Donehower

I am a Los Angeles user experience and product professional. I enjoy helping companies create extraordinary digital products.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Tom quickly came together with a reasonable proposal that made sense both in its scope and goals compared with other groups we talked to. It was clear that Tom was an expert at user interface and interaction. He made a huge impact in a short amount of time by consistently delivering impactful mockups and wireframes that our team could quickly implement.

Tom is one of the best people at user experience on the web and how to make a website easier to use not just from his extensive background building consumer-friendly websites, but with analytics and testing, which guarantees a nice large increment in traffic and user experience in general.

Tom is a fabulous IA/User Experience Architect. Furthermore Tom is a online business strategist, he balances the duality of defending the user and meeting your business objectives better than anyone I have worked with.

As a founder of Blue Lava Group, he was able to build the company to the point of readiness for Series-A, venture capital funding. Tom was able to keep his eye on the big picture while attending to the details required to keep our websites current and competitive.

Tom is a thoughtful, high integrity person who is passionate about the web. He is understated and easy to work with. He is particularly good at understand end-consumer behavior and designing web experiences that drive prospects toward key business goals.

If I’ve worked with Tom at 4 different companies since 1998 it’s not by accident: I just keep hiring him or partnering with him whenever projects call for an online user experience guru. Tom is not only a pleasure to work with but he is the only person I know who can 1) empathize with a the online user regardless of the activity or the demographic and 2) envision a winning user interface even when for cutting edge projects where such an interface had never created before. Any online company who cares about user experience is lucky to hire him!

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Digital Strategy

Ideation, competitive and market analysis, primary, and secondary research and synthesis.

Product Management

Apply agile methodologies, define requirements, and lead product teams to deliver successful digital products.

User Experience Design

Employ UCD to define UX by creating core deliverables including: journey maps, interaction flows, personas, mental models, site maps, wireframes, and digital prototypes.

UI Design

Define the user interface for an application across multiple devices at varying degrees of fidelity including quick sketch through wireframe through Photoshop composition of final look and feel.

Rapid Prototyping

Create digital prototypes using Axure RP and other protoyping tools to validate strategy and provide engineers with the necessary requirements for development.

Usability Testing

Design and implement usability tests to validate strategy, usability, and inform product development.

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