Crafting an award winning customer support experience for Activision’s 20 million gamers

The Goals

  • Create a world-class market leading customer support experience to guide gamers to the correct solution to their problem across 8 different languages and multiple channels
  • Increase deflection rate and drive self service
  • Streamline RMA/Returns process
  • Provide branded support solutions tailored to brand assets

The Approach

  • Applied UCD to understand business objectives and user needs
  • Collaborated with Deloitte Consulting to understand capabilities and limitations of SalesForce Service Cloud
  • Identified and prioritized support use cases related to customers and agents
  • Created rapid prototype and performed usability testing with target gamers
  • Crafted personalized support experience tailored to individual profiles and game brands (i.e. Call of Duty vs. Skylanders)

The Results

  • Activision awarded CRM magazine’s Service Elite Award
  • Positive global response from gamer community and Activision Customer Support
  • 25% increase in issue resolution
  • Reduced returns process from 13 to 4 days

I oversaw the UX redesign of the customer support area of The award-winning project involved a complete overhaul of the customer support experience with the integration of Sales Force Service Cloud to handle Activision’s 20 million gamers.