Using agile methodologies and UX to deliver on a product roadmap

The Goals

  • Oversee product to implement Q2 of feature-rich product roadmap for next-gen marketing analytics platform
  • Create functional specifications, UX/UI and prototypes to document requirements for development
  • Implement agile methodologies and lead product team to execute roadmap

The Approach

  • Used Atlassian software (Jira/Confluence) suite to account for product backlog and restructured agile approach to include product prioritization and sprint demos
  • Documented requirements for development depending on level of effort needed (user story, spec, wireframe, or functional prototype).
  • Created pattern library to replicate UI for rapid prototyping
  • Created standards for documentation of requirements and customer feedback

The Results

  • Successful implementation of Q2 roadmap included numerous enhancements to core product
  • Rapid prototyping and pattern library helped to reduce number of blocks during sprints and need for additional clarification resulting in faster time to market

I was brought in to help Conversion Logic – a next generation marketing analytics platform in the attribution space, execute their mission critical Q2 product roadmap. I helped lead the engineering and design team to deliver on the defined feature set by documenting all requirements and implementing agile methodologies for successful product delivery.

I currently cannot share work samples from this project publicly as I am under NDA, but you can learn more about Conversion Logic at