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5 Magic Questions to Create Killer Customer Experiences

There’s a story in Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal (which you should read if you haven’t) about a consultant. At least I think it’s from his book. There’s probably many versions of the story. I’ll paraphrase here, but it goes something like this. A manufacturing company is having problems with its assembly line. Somewhere along the […]

10 Rules for Startups

I have co-founded two companies. The first company was a 20MM e-commerce company I affectionately named Blue Lava Group because it sounded cool and everyone at the time seemed to agree. The second company, Xperience Interactive was a successful digital agency specializing in user experience. Today, I had the opportunity to meet with one of my […]

G.O.T. Strategy

My Chess Master coach Richard used to taunt me and say, “You’re no good. You’re no good” before I even attempted to make a move. Then, when I finally found the courage to make a move he would yell out “That’s the worst move I’ve seen in 50 years!” He would say “You’re taking too […]